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Aziridine series


Storage The packaging specifications are 4x5Kg plastic drum, 25Kg plastic-lined iron drum and user-specified packaging. This product is stored in airtight, cool and well ventilated. Keep the product sealed when not in use, avoid contact with acid and oxidant. . The storage period under packaging conditions is 12 months from original production date, non-flammable and explosive.
Application 1. Adding to the paint printing paste can effectively improve the rubbing fastness and hand feeling of the printing; 
2. Adding to the cotton and polyester cotton processing pulp, can improve their durable water and oil repellency; 
3. Add to the waterborne acrylic Used in Resin and waterborne polyurethane emulsion, it can significantly improve the bonding strength after heat treatment.
4. It can be added to any Resin emulsion with amino group, carboxyl group and hydroxyl group. After drying and heat treatment, it can effectively improve the strength and friction resistance of Resin.
5. Adding to any other slurry with baking process can significantly improve the scrub resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and weather resistance of the coating.


The amount of addition varies depending on the processed material, the required performance, etc., generally 1-3% of the total amount of the system, and may be appropriately increased; or diluted to a predetermined concentration, added to the system; the pH of the system should be adjusted to 8-10 is best, avoid using it in acidic medium; heat treatment condition, processing temperature is above 130 °C, the higher the temperature, the shorter the treatment time.

Long-term storage of the emulsion will be slightly precipitated. It is recommended to shake it before use to achieve the best effect. Once added to the system, it should be used within one month, but some systems without carboxyl groups can be placed for half a year. Up to one year (users can experience it according to the system).

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