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Aziridine series


CAS NO. 64265-57-2
Molecular formula


Molecular weight 467.67
Structural formula HD-100
Product Image HD-100

Appearance: colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid 
Solid content (%): ≥ 99 
Viscosity (25 °C): 150 ~ 250 cp 
Methyl aziridine group content: 6.16 mol / kg 
Density (20 °C): 1.08 g / ml 
Freezing point (°C): -15°C 
Boiling point range: much more than 200°C (polymerization) 
Solubility: completely dissolved in water, alcohol, ketone, ester and other common solvents

Storage Stored in a dry, cool, sealed condition, be sure to avoid contact with acids and oxidants; avoid freezing. The storage period of the product is 12-18 months under the original packaging conditions from the date of production; non-flammable, explosive; there is a certain degree of corrosiveness, belonging to the general dangerous goods.
Application Widely used in water-based and some solvent-based inks, coatings, pressure-sensitive adhesives, adhesives, etc., it has significant resistance to washing, scrubbing, chemicals, and adhesion to various substrates. The improvement is; 
the crosslinking agent belongs to an environmentally friendly crosslinking agent, and no harmful substances such as formaldehyde are released after crosslinking, and the finished product is non-toxic and tasteless after crosslinking.

Dosage is usually 1 to 3% of the solid content of the emulsion. The pH value of the emulsion is preferably 8 to 9.5. It should not be used in an acidic medium. This product mainly reacts with the carboxyl group in the emulsion. It is generally used at room temperature, 60~ The baking effect is better at 80 ° C. The customer should test according to the needs of the process. 
This product is a two-component cross-linking agent. Once added to the system, it is recommended to use it within 8 to 12 hours. Use the temperature and compatibility Resin system to test the pot life. At the same time, this product has a slight irritating ammonia smell. Care should be taken to avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. Try to use it in a ventilated environment. Pay special attention to mouth and nose during spraying. Should wear special masks, gloves, protective clothing to operate.

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